Have you ever worked with a life coach?


Life – it’s so many things.  It’s generous.  It offers us ongoing opportunities to make choices and decisions that can change the course of our lives.  What we know and how we feel influences our decisions.  Some of the things we know came to us through family.  Some things came to us through society and some things arrive through insight.  These moments of insight – that internal “ah-ha” moment – usually feel amazing, but occasionally they ride in on a painful event.  And sometimes these insightful moments bring us to a crossroads.

“Now what?”  We ask ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had someone on the outside of our ‘circle’ who was there to walk with us – metaphorically speaking – not as a friend, not as a partner, not as a teacher or a parent or a therapist or an elder – but as an equal?  A confidant – someone we trust.  Someone who understands how to keep pace with our best self, even if we’re unsure what our best self looks like.  Someone with an unbiased and objective point of view.  Someone who asks us questions about ourselves, our lives, and our possibilities – knowing we have an unlimited number of “ah-ha” moments waiting for us.  Someone interested in being there with us when we discover them.  A witness.

That’s a coach.

As your personal coach, my objectives will be to:

  • Collaborate with you on current and potential issues that you’d like to address and act on
  • Ask open-ended questions that will require your consideration
  • Create new avenues with you that will enable you to reach goals
  • Suggest options and possible new perspectives
  • Construct a safe place for you to create your own inspiration and motivation

I’m enrolled in an accredited life coach program.  Practice coaching is required and I’m looking for volunteers (it’s free).   Please leave your questions here or email me directly at jenniferpwrites@gmail.com.

Participating anonymously is totally okay.


“What you seek is seeking you.” ~ Rumi


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