I Think This Might Make Me A Tad Nervous+ D.H. Lawrence Quote


America is neither free nor brave, but a land of tight, iron-clanking little wills, everybody trying to put it over everybody else, and a land of men absolutely devoid of the real courage of trust, trust in life’s sacred spontaneity. They can’t trust life until they can control it. ~ D.H. Lawrence

A friendly reminder ~ the paperback version of my memoir, Saturation, is on sale.  I’ve got a box of ’em here at the house.  Email nefarioustwinkle@yahoo.com or leave a comment here.  Also – for those of you who have purchased a copy of either version – would you mind terribly leaving a review either here: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11241161-saturation or on the site where you purchased the book?  You can also leave a review at the Amazon Kindle Store.

Thanks much ~ Jennifer


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