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Review by: Sandra W.                           on May. 31, 2011             :                            starstarstarstar
Saturation, exhausted me.
I’m not a reader that will read a book just to finish it.  If the book does not interest me, if it is poorly written, I won’t continue.
Saturation took up a lot of my time and simply because the author’s life spread before me with such surgical, calculated pain; the book was fascinating I could not look away.
The author did not ramble and almost had a third party, journalistic view point of her life.  I found myself thinking about the book when I was not reading it – a good sign.  I found myself when I was finished sort of wrung out, as if I had run a long race.  I can still feel that rubbery sort of numbness in my limbs thinking about the author’s life – completely saturated.
This is not light reading and it is not for the faint of heart.  You will find yourself enraged and walking away – telling yourself you won’t pick up that **** book again.  You will go back to it – you are compelled to go back to the book.
If you have a family member who is on the self-destruct road of alcoholism and you are searching for answers perhaps this book will help – it did not help me in that capacity.  I was not searching for a connection or guidance, I wanted to read the book as an objective human being – I did not stay objective, I became emotionally involved.
I felt myself arguing with her decisions and questioning her complaints and pulling  her away from her addictions.  Then I realized  – hey, I would be part of the problem too.  I realized that as the book ended.
Again, I need to go back to that “exhausted,” feeling.  As the book concludes and I realize that her journey was one of self-discovery and that wanting her to be sober was not enough – even her desire to be sober was not enough, she needed to deal with why she drank not how to get beyond drinking.
We’ve all heard that an addicted person needs to meet rock bottom, an addicted person needs to want sobriety.  I realized when I completed the book that I had been wrestling with this author all through her words – she allowed me to enter her world.  She did not come out, words blazing telling me to back off; she showed me my own controlling desires I never realized.  That’s what a good book does – enlightens the reader.  It was like grabbing the wheel during a high-speed chase and understanding you can’t drive from the passenger side.
Ms Place, I appreciate your work, your diligence and I would recommend and am recommending your writing.  Thanks for your insight and best of luck.
(reviewed long after purchase)

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I can’t thank everyone, Sandra, enough for your reviews.


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