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Reader review for my memoir, Saturation.

“I bought ‘Saturation’ in an ongoing attempt to find hope for a loved one, and to offer hope to her mother. Little did I dream when I ordered the book I would see myself in its pages – and not be altogether proud of the sight. ‘Saturation’ will take you on one incredible ride after another, until you simply won’t think the author can possibly survive one more day… and then she does. And she realizes she’s got enough to live for that she finally makes the choice to save herself.

It was as I suspected for my loved one. She has to do the choosing – no amount of our wanting a clean and sober life for her will make it so; but ‘Saturation’ gave me the hope I’d lost that she’d ever do so. After thirty years of addiction, I didn’t think there were any chances left. I was wrong: as long as there’s breath, there’s hope.

‘Saturation’ is one of the most difficult ‘easy’ reads I have ever had. Ms. Place tells her story with no-holds-barred, straight out, not excusing nor varnishing the tale or any one’s part in it – including her own. Your heart will ache for her, and you will be so very glad for her, too… especially if you, like me, love someone with the same addiction.

In the end, ‘Saturation’ helped me – it helped me understand both the reality of alcoholism and the never-ending, ongoing struggle to live with it long after the last drink. It helped me accept that *I*, no matter how badly I might want to, can’t make the choice for sobriety for my loved one. And it gave me  insight into the ‘battle and the war’.

I fully recommend ‘Saturation’, especially if there’s an alcoholic in your life. You will learn; you will understand; and it might even reawaken the compassion you thought had died.”


Thanks Jennifer

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