Yucatan From Space – Plus A Reader Review


Taken from the ISS.  SWEET!


Here is another reader review for my memoir, Saturation.  I received this last night not half an hour after the one posted below.  Yay!  :-)

“Done and done. I finished in a marathon reading session today. I am SO happy you found the wherewithal within yourself to tell that story. It can’t have been easy, but being a writer myself, I know it had to be cathartic.

Well done all around, Jennifer. It does give me hope for Debbie, my niece, even as it confirms what I’ve known all along… until SHE wants it, it doesn’t matter how much the rest of us want it for her.

I am going to pass your book on to my sister, her mother, and then on to Debbie. If nothing else, she will know she’s most assuredly not alone and will, I strongly suspect, see herself in the pages. I can’t tell you how many times I sat there nodding to myself as I read something you had survived that was minute-by-minute the same as what has happened to her. And I saw myself, too… though I’m not proud of it. I confess I have wished Debbie dead when I was sure she was killing her mother. Donna had to survive breast cancer at one of the worst periods in Debbie’s addictions and I heard, more than once, Donna wish herself dead so she didn’t have to watch Debbie killing herself.

Thank you for sharing yourself… and thank you for giving me hope to share with her mother. Debbie has not come to her epiphany yet, even though she’s now in her third month of a nine month rehab… she chose it, but it was the lesser of two evils to her. Her other choice was jail.

But I believe now there’s a chance. Just a week ago, I wouldn’t have added ‘yet’.”



Thanks Jen!


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