The Antennae (NASA Pic)


Who’s in the mood for more cool space pics?  Me.  This is a picture of a two galaxy collision in the constellation Corvus.

Wow.  Brilliant.


6 thoughts on “The Antennae (NASA Pic)

    • Neftwink

      Well – could you be more specific? I’m just crazy about our galaxy, space/the universe. K R A Z Y about it. I’d give anything to start over and be an astronaut. I’m not all that knowledgeable about the details, but I loved Carl Sagan and I read Stephen Hawking.

      • I dig your blog.

        -And it’s not too late for the astronaut thing. Trust me. Keep your passion aflame, your fingers crossed and your ear to the ground. There are a bunch of us out there working to break commercial spaceflight wide open. Your being crazy about the universe is much more important than the details – anyone can learn details, you can’t teach rabid curiosity. =)


        • Neftwink

          Well, I dig that you dig my blog.

          It’s probably too late for me. I have a bit of an unattractive history – but that doesn’t stop me from loving the Universe and learning about it. Hey – if I could afford a flight to the ISS I’d be there yesterday and I probably wouldn’t want to come back.

          Thanks Ben!

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