My Short Story, Cat and Caterpillar, Is Now Available



Near the kitchen sink a caterpillar named Caterpillar managed her way over a somewhat withered and neglected piece of lettuce missed by the sponge during a hurried cleaning and began nibbling on it contentedly. Lost in contemplation she failed to notice a cat named Cat with flickering tail watching her as he sat a mere foot away on a kitchen stool. Now up until this moment it had always been the practice of Cat to act impulsively with regard to catching his snacks, but something about Caterpillar caused him to introspect as he continued to watch her eat. She appeared to be in a most irrationally intoxicated state as though nothing were more important than her moment with the lettuce. This aroused in him a feeling of great perplexity – for he’d never watched a life form eat with such focus.

“Pardon me Miss Caterpillar, I don’t wish to interrupt your lunch, but I’ve been watching you eat for a stretch now and you appear to be most lost in the moment with your snack. Why are you so captivated with your food?”

Looking up and with a fragment of lettuce hanging from the corner of her tiny mouth she continued to chew and answered simply, “Because I have faith in the lettuce.”

Cat narrowed his eyes and two of his whiskers twitched. He pondered for a moment and finally said, “Faith in the lettuce?! Outrageous! I have never heard of anything more absurd. Explain yourself at once!”

Caterpillar detected a sense of irritation and urgency in his voice. She would have to set aside her sustenance for, hopefully, not too long as Cat clearly had no intention of allowing her to continue to eat in peace. She eyed her remaining lettuce and not before an uncomfortable moment of longing did she turn her full attention toward Cat.

If you’re interested in the rest of the story – click the link.



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